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11 September, 2007 / Erik

Weekend Review/A Look into the Future

That silence for the past couple of days? Oh, that’s me covering the non-story of Apple’s media event. Prices dropped. Product lines refreshed. Yawn. I like the Apple style, but the grind of product announcements and watching the tech press go nuts over it is pretty dire. There are better things to see and do.

One such thing: the Stallone Diary. The good people over at Yakmala are just about ready to turn on the lights to this feature. We just need to take care of some website stuff and it’ll go live. Soon, you can all enjoy a someone stream of consciousness review of Stallone’s great works in the Yakmala tradition.

Another: Death Proof on DVD next week. A review to follow as my first attempt to watch it at the midnight showing at the now defunct Realto left me cold. Perhaps on its own, with the missing real, it’ll be a bit more interesting.

And yet one more thing: Playing Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. While I’m not doing a speed run, thought it, I am enjoying the scanning, shooting, and Metroid game play. It’s terribly fun. Five or so hours in and maybe 15% through it. I know, I’m a molasses at these things.


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