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4 September, 2007 / Erik

An LCD in the Rear View

On the ride home tonight, I noticed an unduly amount of small LCD displays in cars. They all showed some movie or TV show, but each one I saw had a common feature. They all appeared to be positioned in the spot where you normally find a rear view mirror.

Which means the driver can now see the TV as he drives. Isn’t that illegal? I mean, it’s bad enough these LCD displays are clear enough to allow other drivers on the road to see they’re watching Ford Fairlane, but surely we all can’t be distracted by the technological marvel we’ve created for the children, right?

Anyway, watch our for those people returning from Labor Day jaunts, they’re all watching a TV where the rear-view’s supposed to be.

While on the subject of projected pixels, has anyone else noticed how quiet this past month has been for DVD releases? I remember the previous three or four years, August would usher in a weekly barrage of home video offerings I was looking forward to picking up, or at least curious to rent. This year, maybe two or three items grabbed my imagination. Over at the local independent video store, their new release wall looks a bit anemic. Has the window moved closer to November, where all the exciting box sets appear for holiday shoppers? I’m not even sure what I should be excited about. Is there anything more compelling coming down the pipe beside Blade Runner? I suppose that’s why the market is cooling, people have most of the stuff they want on their video shelf.

Time to switch formats and convince us all to buy it up again for the third time.

Or sixth if you’re a Star Wars fan.



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  1. Tim / Sep 4 2007 10:09 pm

    Death Proof!

    And Planet Terror!

  2. David S / Sep 5 2007 5:13 pm

    Just a thought…doesn’t an LCD mounted between the driver and passenger seats but only visible to the rear passenger seats look like it is located where the rear view mirror is if you looking at it from behind the car?

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