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1 September, 2007 / Erik

Weekend Special: Control

Control, Anton Corbin’s Ian Curtis biopic opens on October 5th. Here’s the trailer. I’m sure some have you have guessed by the Peter Saville style header image that I might be a Joy Division/New Order fan. I’m that predictable. The movie looks awesome and I hope that October 5th date is for the US.

While on the topic of control, it seems I’ll no longer be able to get my Office fix from iTunes. NBC/Universal, or at least one section of their gigantic corporation, attempted to renegotiate their iTunes pricing. Imagine a half hour episode of 30 Rock or the Office costing you a nice $4.99. While the contract expires in December, Apple chose to simply not carry any new fall season content.

Now we all know TV is not worth five bucks an episode. Let’s do some math: The recently released season of Heroes will run you anywhere from $36.99 to $50.00 depending on how savvy a shopper you are. Currently, that same season is available on iTunes for $42.99. If you bough a season pass on iTunes under NBC/Universal’s desired pricing, it would run you $137.77! Keep in mind this is for a file that is still lower quality than standard broadcast with no special features. Even the HD-DVD version of Heroes can be obtained for $70.00 (again, if you’re a savvy consumer).

I know this is the rebellion against Apple’s dominance and while iTunes should have legit competition, NBC/Universal is being rather antagonistic to the consumer if they seek that pricing structure at any other service they might approach. Well, I wish NBC/Universal luck. I have a fascination with that company as it has never shaken its Golden Age Hollywood days image of being the home of cheap westerns. All my favorite cheap TV from childhood was made at Universal and aired on NBC (Knight Rider, Hunter, etc). They also still ship product on those awful DVD-19 flipper discs that are prone to malfunction and scratching. The only broadcast television I watch? NBC. Hopefully, the market will correct their attempted price fix.


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