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29 August, 2007 / Erik

I’ll Bring the Bread, You Bring the Wine

How much do I love VHS or Beta?

I buy physical copies of their albums.

As their name suggests, VHS or Beta is a spiritual son of the early-to-mid 80s, though their sound owes a lot to Daft Punk. Their first full length album, Night on Fire, was one of my favorites of 2004. I’m rarely seen at shows, but went to one of their performances a few years back. What makes them special? Guitar driven dance rock and anthemy vocals. It’s perfect drive-time music that keeps you moving and seeking your goal. This brings us to the newly released Bring on the Comets. Despite losing their keyboard player, the songs use a great deal of synthetic flourish that keeps their sound big. At first, these new tracks seemed a different beast, but actually turned out to be very much in line with the band I’ve known the last several years, just matured. A difficult second album, this is not.

You can sample the album at Spinner. I suggest the following tracks:

Can’t Believe a Single Word
Burn it all Down
Take it of Leave It
Bring Down the Comets
Fall Down Lightly
Time Stands Still


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