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22 August, 2007 / Erik

The Only Thing That Ain’t Blue is the Sky

I am disturbed by the lack of word about Lucky Soul in the States. They don’t appear to have US distribution, which makes sense as they’re their own label in the UK. I found a little bit of press about them in Under the Wire magazine(Print Edition Only). I discovered them while recordshopping in Tokyo. The shope was called something like Apple Crumble and the owner had their album “The Great Unwanted” playing. I heard the last half of the album and resolved to remember them. Of the acts that have come lately along utilizing the sound of by-gone days, they have the strongest backbone of talents to survive the throw-back sound.

But I’ll let their music persuade you. They have a convient music player at their website:

I suggest the following tracks:

One Kiss Don’t Make a Summer
Struck Dumb
The Great Unwanted
Baby I’m Broke
My Brittle Heart

Also, the band gets bonus points for getting their stuff up on iTunes (US) while their physical CD is hard and expensive to obtain. I suggest the B-Sides “Give Me Love” from the My Brittle Heart Single and “Ever Yours I Remain” from the Add Your Light to Mine single.


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