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14 August, 2007 / Erik

Thirty-five Missles to Kill Kraid

When I was a young lad, back in the days of the NES, Metroid was one of my favorite games. It was also one of those games that drove me into fits as I missed the jump, or couldn’t do that reforming block maneauver and found myself stuck at the bottom of some dank pit. I more or less dropped out of the console game thing with the middle of the Sega Genesis lifecycle and played the occasional PC game. Flash to the age of the Wii and I’ve been reunited with all my Nintendo favorites and even a welcome visit from the Genesis game KID CHAMELEON.

So, I downloaded the original Metroid from Nintendo’s retrogame service and discovered I could obtain the first batch of power-ups and defeat the first miniboss with not too great an effort and only one death (which saved me a long boring walk). I also remembered the order and most of the locations of the power-ups despite not playing the game in many years. It’s nice to know we can come back to these things and find them enjoyable. Since I’m back in the console thing, I’ve also picked up the more recent Metroids, the Prime Series, and though I’ve only just started, I’m impressed. I will be picking up the third of the Metroid Prime saga when it is released in a few weeks.

This doesn’t mean I’m a junkie. I hit most of my marks for the day and gave myself a few quality hours with an old favorite passtime. For the most parth, the Wii gets used the most when friends come by for a few rounds of Wii Sports. It’s good to know this little Nintendo was a good investment.



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  1. Louis / Aug 15 2007 3:31 am

    I get paid tomorrow. I’m downloading this immediately after.

  2. Aimee / Aug 15 2007 5:21 pm

    The Wii is a beautiful and dangerous thing. I too have been reunited with my long lost favorite – Kid Icarus. I sucked at it as a kid and I still suck at it now. But I love it.

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