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7 August, 2007 / Erik

Stallone Diary Update

The Stallone Diary has been written and is being vetted by my editors at for spelling mistakes and such. There is also a question of where to host it. Long ago, we talked about it being a feature page at Yakmala with a photo of the actual Stallone Diary designed by Sarah Madden. We all have a strong idea of what such a thing will look like and it’s such a compelling idea, that it will probably be the focus of some effort before the actual entry goes live. After all, the Stallone Diary must be lovingly shot so all can see the fabulous work done by Sarah. Also, while in Japan, I found another piece of Stallone memorabilia that once the Yakmala Group saw it, they felt had to be part of the Stallone Diary concept. All of that must be considered as we venture into new territory with this.

Oh, what is the Stallone Diary? It’s one man’s attempt to understand the mind of screen giant Sylvester Stallone through his filmic output. A planned feature since the initial idea of the Yakmala website was vetted at a screening earlier in the year.

It’ll be up soon, honest stevens.

Meanwhile, I have to finish the second act of the pilot I’m working on.


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