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25 July, 2007 / Erik

“We’ll meet again … in Valhalla”

Daniel: [Episode 25] of twin peaks is possibly one of the best. you’ve got the Johnny as Indian joke, the carrot joke, the cooper telling the penguin joke, Wyndam Earle uncovering the secret of the black lodge in owl cave. That shit is pivotal! still able to impress on the 5th time through the series…

Erik: This is the episode where Andy falls down in Owl’s Cave? Is Johnny outside shooting the buffalo silhouettes?

If we’re on the same page, it’s one of those episodes that has clearly absurd and clearly frightening business going on. It’s a tonal shift that was unheard of in 1990, but perfectly acceptable now.

Daniel: the very same. It walks ever so close to jumping the shark, but manages instead to grasp a sense of the sublime


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