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24 July, 2007 / Erik

Four Comic Convention Essentials

With the Comic Convention coming up over the weekend, Future Threat would like to extend four essential points to con survival:

1. Have plenty of not-chilled water tucked away in a bag. Hydration is important and there’s no reason to wait in line for overpriced water.

2. Bring a bottle of hand sanitizer.

3. If you’re getting anything signed, keep it to one or two items per person.

4. Never eat inside the convention center. I’m not sure it’s actually food.



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  1. Tim / Jul 24 2007 3:24 pm

    5. Wear comfortable shoes.

    6. Step to the side of the aisle if you’re going to have a conversation.

    7. Shower regularly and wear deoderant (this is more for everyone else’s benefit, and should be followed in everyday life anyway).]

  2. Aimee / Jul 24 2007 5:45 pm

    You’re going to the con? I, sadly, am not. You must hit up the Avatar preview for me :-). Ok, you don’t have to. It was just an idea.

    And dude – when did you go to Japan?!

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