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3 July, 2007 / Erik

We Are Meant to Be Here

“The strong anthropic principle says that the universe must bring forth life and observers at some stage. So even if there’s only one universe, it must be the case that this universe will end up being observed by beings such as ourselves. Now, that’s much harder for scientists to swallow because it seems to turn everything upside down. Most scientists think that the universe came into existence by some happy coincidence, or maybe from this multiverse selection there were beings who emerged. But these beings don’t play a central role even in the multiverse theory. They don’t play a creative role, whereas in the strong anthropic principle, the observers are in the central position. They are the ones dictating how the universe is put together. And that seems too much for people to swallow. It gives mind and consciousness a central place in the great scheme of things.”

Paul Davies


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