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19 June, 2007 / Erik

That Gum You Like is About to Come Back in Style

So my friend Daniel and I began watching Twin Peaks independently of each other. This is his seventh time through and my third complete run. I’ll be posting some of our correspondence. It will be spoiler heavy for the non-initiated.

very odd, i just started watching it all the way through for the 7th time now. thankfully season two is out on disc at long last

I bought my copy of season 2 a while back, but only in the past week got around to watching it. The first mention of Windham Earle reminded me of how he eluded you. Keep a sharp eye out for him this time. As it happens, I’m watching the episode after Maddie is murdered but I’ve noticed something new in the first episode of season 2: cream corn.

yep, cream corn and the whirring noise. How about those log lady intros? A welcome footnote, says i

Another observation: Donna Hayward is witness to a lot of awful stuff. The show makes a a point of showing her in pain as she witnesses, but she’s rarely ever in much danger herself. Except that one time Laura pulled her out of the fire, but the movie is pretty shaky as a source of anything but cream corn.

True, but Donna is also one of my least favs. I like the character and the roles shes given but lara flynn boyle makes my flesh crawl


If only Lynch had found Moira Kelly sooner.

We’d actually have a Cooper/Audrey thread with more meat.


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