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2 February, 2007 / Erik

Dear Game Developers

All though this is mainly addressed to EA and Vivendi, this goes to all y’all,Don’t think you can add Wii support to your moribund GTA clones and think we’ll flip for it. Motion controls will not make these games better. They will still be repetitive with a small number of mission variations and the motion controls will only make this more apparent. To Rockstar: bring GTA to the Wii. It’s varied enough to work. Do not, however, port the Warriors for the same reasons the Godfather and Scarface will be odd ducks on this system.

Now, all of you: stop patching existing games to work on the Wii and start developing Wii titles from the ground up.

When the hell did I become a gamer?



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  1. Aimee / Feb 6 2007 8:10 pm

    Wii!! You convinced me to get one….How’s Wii Me doing? Can’t wait until they make Avatar for the Wii!

  2. Erik / Feb 10 2007 9:12 pm

    She’s socializing with Conan O’Brien. The Wii is a great device.

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