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21 January, 2007 / Erik

Dearest Hilary

It’s not that you are a woman.It’s not that you are a liberal (which, when you think about it, you only claim to be when it’s convenient).

It’s not that your husband played the field. (Actually, a philanderer is quaint now)

It’s you. Your policies. Your personality. You are that demented kindergarten teacher who believes, more strongly then our current president’s faith in the Lord, that YOU know best for everyone and everything. You don’t say these things aloud, but your presentation, manner, and voice convey the truth. You want everyone to fall in line and pay attention as you childproof the world. At least all the Republicans want to do is make money for their backers. Sure, they start dangerous wars, but at least their corruption is honest.

Also, you are hated. So hated it would marshal forces back to the other side of the pendulum. All of our gains in the midterm election would evaporate if you got the ticket. The nation’s dissatisfaction with gas prices and Iraq do not out way their bloodrage against you.

You will cost us everything.

The nation might be ready for a woman president, they might even be ready for a black president. I know they’d support the disposed president. They will, however, never be ready for you.

I’m firmly a member of the ABH party.


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