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19 December, 2006 / Erik

The Consumerist Yuletide

For the first time in may years, I know what to give a lot of my closest friends in the Yuletide tradition. However, I have very little money with which to purchase said items and help out the Great American Bottom Line. Of course, at least one possible give comes with knowing the profits go to help one particular person in need.What a struggling futurist to do?

Now don’t say I should go volunteer or donate something on peoples behalf, because as nice as those things are to do, I can and should be doing those things the rest of the year. The spirit of Brothership (new word!) that arrives with the Yuletide, to me anyway, has more to do with the family you have and the family you make than with the abstracts of “good will” and “peace.” Let’s face it, those ideas are the smokescreen. What matters is those you can directly touched. Those you can’t are something you should consider the rest of the year. Maybe that would change the world.

I know, silly me thinking like that. As a rule, I don’t get gifts for the family I made every year because I don’t always have something that has the heart. I happen to be made of mostly plastic, so people had an easier time finding stuff for me. There’s an itemized list. But when I give, I don’t want it to be a reflex action. It has to be right. That’s the rub. The bobble is a symbol. It’s supposed to say “I know you. This’ll rock.”

Oh, should I make something for these loved ones? Hell, I can make homemade fudge. That’s always fun.

However, never be afraid to buy a gift when you know it’s right. Reject the reflex actions. Obeying those things lead to war.


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