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13 April, 2006 / Erik

It’s Alive!

Last week I built this machine. Lots of memory. Lots of hard drive space. Performs well and runs games so differently from my previous machine, it seems I am playing completely new games. GTA: San Andreas not only looks great, but responds much quicker. The old machine is from 2001 and still has that 98 version of Windows on its original hard drive. I won’t bore you with specs, as those things are fairly meaningless. Building the computer was not unlike building those Gundam models years ago. A similiar level of focus.With the outer casing on, the tower looks fairly impressive. My friend Andi said it resembles a two-deck Dalek. For my part, I’m just happy I didn’t break a component. This being the first month, the parts are still on probabtion. Apparently the harddrive I chose has an overheating problem and may not last as long as my older archive drive, which is also in service in the new machine. I also slapped on the “I am Ten Ninjas” sticker from Diesel Sweeties. Seemed the only appropriate sticker. Maybe a Satellite Show sticker. I still have plenty of those.

Next Episode: new desktop wallpapers!


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