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13 April, 2006 / Erik

2006 Wallpaper

It seems right around every two years, I decided I need to create a new background wallpaper. The all say “satellite fiction” on them in the thought that I might make it publicly available. The above screenshot is what my desktop looks like at the moment. The various images are things I’ve encounter on my travels. Try to guess them all!



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  1. Aimee / Apr 13 2006 4:03 pm

    Ok, so there’s the tube…and uh…that guy who’s in V for Vendetta – but in a different movie…and those cardinals (is that the pope’s funeral?) and those weird pink things – aren’t those british. I don’t even want to guess what the burning oil rig thing means…

  2. Erik / Apr 14 2006 5:23 pm

    Good guesses. The tube is actually the Paris Metro–picture by me. “That guy in V” is actually Christopher Eccelston, the outgoing Doctor Who (new Doctor Who David Tennant begins his tenure this saturday). That is the College of Cardinals, but not at JP II’s funeral. The pink things are from the classic Muppet skit “Muhnom Anuh.”
    The burning oil rig is just awesome, like the picture of Shatner in the 2004 version.

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