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31 January, 2004 / Erik

This is Blackpool. We get to the hotel and it…

This is Blackpool.

We get to the hotel and it’s the cheesiest little thing. Bill said the whole place reminded him of Atlantic City. The rooms are tiny and the radiators are on full blast. So we go looking for a cash machine and Steve actually freaks out from the cold while Ray goes to ask about a cash machine. I neglected to mention the four mile walk from the train station to the hotel. -1C with the wind chill. Ray didn’t think it was that far so he didn’t think to just hire a taxi. So after the cash machine Ray says, “okay, let’s find a pub and wait for Bill and Gary.” So we sit in the pub for a few hours. Steve and Ray play pool. I end up sitting with the girls. I had managed not to eat since the approach to London, so the guiness I bough hits me hard. When Bill and Gary finally show up, Bill and I find a tesco to get cash and we all go back to the hotel. They decide to go into the city centre and I decide to pass out. I am woken up around midnight to hear Steve shouting “RAY!” Steve later says to Ray, “don’t wake him up.” British late night TV is populated mostly by sports highlight shows.

I get up and go down to the dinning room for breakfast. There I meet Maly, the kitchen staff. He convinces me to take an english breakfast. Bill shows up, he says he never got to bed and went for a four mile walk around Blackpool at five AM. Maly tells me to start using “cheers.” After breakfast, we check out … waiting for Chloe and Steve to wake up. So we walk down the waterfront toward the “Laughing Donkey” building out on one of the peers. Ray challanges us to ride the roller coster. when we hit that peer, it is closed for the season and the rain starts. By the time we get back, Steve and Chloe are headed toward the train station. In the midst of all of this, I find out why Steve was shouting the night before. He flooded Ray’s toilet. And once they fixed it, he did it again. Apparently, they met Disco Stu at an american themed night spot. Stu was the owner and gave them drinks.

So we get to the train station, get on the train and watch Gary try to finish the first book and Bill tries to get some sleep. I get home, order some groceries, go to subway, put on the three hour aliens documentary and pass out. My clock isn’t quite corrected and England is again an enjoyable place.


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