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7 January, 2004 / Erik

And so, the luxury truck. Remember when trucks w…

And so, the luxury truck. Remember when trucks were dirty and made with a sort of utilitarian style that said “I am a gardener” or “I’m towing lumber to a new house?” It seems the truck has been adsorbed into the bigger is better attitude of the gas guzzlers. The new trucks come with customizable lighting and high end sound systems. One manufacturer’s spokesman said their design was intented to feel like “a high-end New York loft.” This is the truck the FRIENDS would have a scene of misunderstanding in.

In the last few days, my car, the affectionately named “Pricklemobile” has had trouble shifting from first to second. Hopefully, it just needs fluid … but it’s a portent of the inescapable moment where I will need to replace version 3.0 of my car and another 87, 88, or 89 Honda Civic DX won’t be a viable option. I’ll finally have to be dragged into the 1990s because the 21st Century’s idea of a car is shameful.

Which leads to the final point. Southern California is going to be playing with mag-lev technology. The first step will be the long promised Anaheim to Las Vegas bullet train. The projection is, currently, a hour from point to point. I’d just like to imagine a mass transit system for LA County based on mag-lev. I know it’s never going to happen, but let a man have flights of fancy.


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