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15 December, 2003 / Erik

It’s late night in Manchester, and the Sunday quie…

It’s late night in Manchester, and the Sunday quiet is upon me. This is the one night where the constant hum of the buses and cars vanish and there’s just the British wind out. The Holy Name is dark and silent and even the usual thumps and thuds of the neighbors go still. My work the term is done. The last notes scribbled and the last page read. Six weeks holiday from the vacation from my life. A slight return to home.

My view from the window offers a bit of the church and the building across the road. The clouds are gone and the slowly vanishing moon is seen overhead. A peacefull night, if you can believe it. My companions are the cup of Bailey’s and the music on iTunes. Tonight’s been the New Order recap whilst finishing Morvern Callar.

So it goes … in the end, England is a strange place. Lonely country admist all the usual partygoers and Uni students rushing off into the lives they don’t know about yet.


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